CECIMO Factsheet on Sustainable Manufacturing

30 September 2022

In recent years the environmental factor has gained more and more traction among the European Union’s policymakers, leading to an unprecedented political momentum towards achieving a green transition at the European level. This historic transition will require European industries to undertake fundamental shifts throughout their value chains, ranging from product design and production to waste management and the use of raw materials. Given its critical position in the European industrial ecosystem, the machine tool manufacturing sector can effectively lead and support this transition by providing technologies that enable sustainable manufacturing processes in other sectors, and it is already rising to the challenge.

The CECIMO Factsheet on Sustainable Manufacturing was first distributed during our conference on Sustainable Manufacturing that took place on September 27 in the European Parliament. The document highlights the fundamental role of the machine tool manufacturing sector as an enabler of the green transition, by providing meaningful best practices and key statistical evidence on sustainable manufacturing.