20 May 2020

Machine tool companies across Europe are experiencing significant decreases in production levels, sales, machine servicing, and employment throughout. A full recovery of the manufacturing industry is key to improve the European economy’s technological capabilities and support its future growth. It is vital that the EU and its Member States start immediately to define plan to provide the industry with the sustain it needs, to address the damage to EU economies, and restore businesses capacity for investment and employment.

In order to ensure an effective EU response to the coronavirus crisis that would pave the way to a fair socio-economic recovery, the European Commission published a recovery plan for Europe. CECIMO welcomes the EU Recovery plan - Europe's moment: Repair and Prepare for the Next Generation and we believe that a full recovery of the Machine Tool industry is essential to repair and revitalize the European Single Market.

CECIMO is proposing an ambitious Manufacturing Recovery Plan that aims to restore production and investment levels, employment and overall business confidence.

The manufacturing recovery plan outlines a set of policy actions in the following areas:

  • Strengthening the Single Market
  • Trade / Foreign Direct Investment / Movement of goods and workers
  • EU investment funds to put industry back on track