CECIMO Position Paper on European Critical Raw Materials Act

27 June 2023

CECIMO welcomes the announced legislative proposal, the European Critical Raw Material Act (CRMA) as an important initial step towards developing competitive and resilient digital future and green transition of industries. Additionally, CECIMO expresses its support for the release of the first list of Strategic Raw Materials (SRMs) and the updated list of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs), which now includes six new materials, among which Copper and Nickel are considered primary for Machine Tools manufacturing.

The global supply chains have demonstrated their vulnerabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. These events have underscored the European Union's heavy reliance on third countries for critical materials. To mitigate this risk, we strongly support regular revisions of the list of Critical Raw Materials within EU industrial sectors and ongoing collaboration between policymakers and industry stakeholders, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of industry’s specific requirements.

Based on the legislative proposal and a recent CECIMO study “CECIMO’s Study on Critical Materials and Components,” we seek to emphasize the strategic significance of certain critical raw materials for our sectors: Machine Tools and Additive Manufacturing.