CECIMO Recommendations for the 2024-2029 EU Institutional Cycle

19 February 2024

At CECIMO, we advocate for a stronger manufacturing industry to drive transformative changes in the EU’s industrial ecosystems, especially in the midst of the digital and green transition. By strengthening this vital sector through strategic investments in innovation, technology adoption and efficiency gains, we aim to improve the EU’s competitiveness against global competitors. 

Looking ahead, it is imperative that the EU institutions, during their next five-year mandate (2024-2029), develop a strategic policy and investment agenda aimed at strengthening the sector’s value chain. This agenda should prioritise streamlining investments, reducing regulatory burdens and harnessing the potential of existing and emerging technologies. Through this holistic approach, we aim to give the EU a competitive edge across different industrial ecosystems.

This document provides a list of strategic recommendations, focused on:

  1. Launching a European Manufacturing Strategy
  2. Slowing-down the EU legislative Train – Time to Implement and Evaluate
  3. Investing in Productivity and Implementation of the Twin Transition
  4. Tackling Europe's Skills Needs
  5. Increasing EU competitiveness via Trade Agreements
  6. Empowering Market Surveillance Authorities to Protect the EU Market from Unsafe Products