CECIMO special report: Paving the way for digital transformation in the machine tool industry

16 September 2016

The advanced manufacturing business is changing. Machines, systems and factories are getting connected across borders. Manufacturers improve the performance, energy- and resource-efficiency as well as safety of their products thanks to data analysis. The new service-oriented business models are  providing greater value for end-users. Large ICT companies invest more in the industrial internet, redrawing the boundaries of the manufacturing sector.

To remain in the driver’s seat and keep its technological leadership, European machine tool builders met at the CECIMO Spring Meetings 2016 to discuss and reflect on their business strategy and adapt it to the new rules of manufacturing business.

The summary of these debates are found in the special report. Topics discussed were, among others, new business models, relations with suppliers and end-users, data management, regulatory issues, skills, R&D and SMEs.