CECIMO Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence

02 June 2020

On 19 February 2020, the European Commission released its long-awaited White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI), intended to outline, and consolidate a European approach to AI that both promotes a favourable ecosystem for European technology industry stakeholders and protects users.

CECIMO, on behalf of the machine tool industry and related manufacturing technologies, is committed to raise awareness concerning the implementation of AI in the machine tool sector. Manufacturing is one of the industries that employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to its fullest potential. Such as in the case of the machine tool industry, which applies AI following a human centric approach to increase efficiency and innovation in advanced manufacturing processes.

CECIMO, therefore, welcomes and supports the European Commission’s ambitious programme to promote the uptake of AI. This is an area of strategic importance, central to supporting economic growth, technological development, and social well-being.

CECIMO submitted an official reply to the public consultations underlining key aspects for successful implementation of AI, such as – legal and regulatory frameworks, technical requirements, skills, SMEs and others.

In order to achieve the announced policy objectives and enable the development of industrial AI, we wish to bring forward the considerations in our position paper.