Cybersecurity for the Machine Tools Industry

13 September 2022

As digitalization becomes more prevalent across industries, there is a growing need for companies to increase the safety measures against cyber risks.

Like in other sectors, the machine tool industry perceives cybersecurity as a technical risk and a business risk. Equipment, uptime, trade secrets, brand value, intellectual property, and even personal safety must be protected from malicious network intrusions, employee sabotage, or accidental manipulation.

EU policymakers have worked intensively to increase the level of cyber resilience of different sectors (including manufacturing) by strengthening cybersecurity requirements for companies and addressing the security of supply chains as well as safeguarding relationships with suppliers.

Given the relevance of this subject for the machine tool sector and the importance of highlighting the main challenges and actions to increase the sector’s cybersecurity, this paper includes:

  • A legislative overview
  • Cybersecurity for Machine Tools
  • Examples of vulnerabilities to cyberattacks
  • Countermeasures (national actions)
  • CECIMO recommendations