From Survey to Strategy: Understanding Skills Trends in Advanced Manufacturing

20 March 2024

This report examines the skills trends, qualifications demand, requisite professional profiles and the associated challenges in recruiting a skilled workforce within the advanced manufacturing sector. Based on data collected from CECIMO’s survey in November 2023, encompassing responses from 44% large companies, 31% medium-sized enterprises, 16% small companies, and 9% micro-enterprises, the report aims to provide insights into the evolving landscape of skill demands and emerging professional profiles.

The objective of this report is to establish an updated skill database, serving as a valuable resource for industrial stakeholders, educational institutions, and policymakers. This database aims to monitor the dynamic nature of skill demands, address skill mismatches, facilitate the alignment of educational curricula with market needs, and attract a diverse workforce to the manufacturing sector, particularly the younger generation and women.

The report explores in-demand technical skills shortages sought-after professional profiles, emphasizing the labour and skills shortages, departments experiencing skills shortages, and recruitment challenges. Subsequently, the report examines anticipated digital-green skills and their corresponding professional profiles, highlighting how digitization and greenification are changing the emergence of new roles in contrast to existing ones. Finally, the report reflects on practices for talent acquisition and retention, upskilling and reskilling initiatives and concludes with policy recommendations.