Chris Decubber, Service Provider, EFFRA

At EFFRA, Chris Decubber supports the consensus building about research and innovation priorities among the industrial and research community for the Made in Europe’ Partnership under Horizon Europe. In addition, Chris supports the monitoring of the progress and impact of the Partnership.

Timothee Habra, VP of Engineering, Pickit 3D 

Timothee Habra is the VP of Engineering at Pickit 3D where he turns company’s vision and product roadmap into real-life solutions. He brings over a decade of experience in the field of robotics and automation and specialized in computer vision and robotics during his PhD.

Ibai Inziarte, Director of Innovation, ALDAKIN

Ibai Inziarte is an Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics from Mondragon University, M.Sc. in Biomedical Enginerring and holds an MBA title. His areas of expertise include mechatronics, control and robotics. He has participated in more than 10 different research projects as project manager or researcher in ALDAKIN. Before joining ALDAKIN, for 10 years in a private Spanish research centre focused on manufacturing technologies, he was in the coordination team of 5 European research and innovation projects (ONECOAT, THINFRAME, GRABGAS, NANODIGREE, ALTITUDE).

Isabelle Dor, EARASHI Project Coordinator

Isabelle Dor graduated in solid mechanics engineering in 1987. She received the Von Karman institute diploma in fluid dynamic diploma in 1988. She joined the CEA-Grenoble in 1989 and she worked on thermal-hydraulics two-phase flow simulation for 25 years. In 2014 she joined the CEA/LETI. She works on European project coordination in the CEA/LETI/Design Center. She has been strongly involved in Financial to Third party project type since 2015, active player of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative. She is the coordinator of the HE project EARASHI.

Apostolis Papavasileiou, Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation 

Apostolis Papavasileiou is an Electrical & Computer Engineer graduated from the University of Patras. He has been employed as a senior researcher in Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation since 2014 and he is currently coordinating the EU project ODIN bringing innovative robotic solutions towards agile production. He has also been involved in several scientific publications and other R&D projects such as TRINITY, VERIFy, SERENA, PROGRAMS, EUROC, ROBO-PARTNER, X-Act. His main fields of interests are: development of robotic applications for the industrial sector, applications for the enhancement of human-robot interaction and collaboration, quality control technologies, industrial machine vision applications.

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