Event Overview

CECIMO co-organised an event entitled ‘’The Artificial Intelligence Act – Building Trust in EU Innovation’’, that took place on 10 October from 15.00 to 17.30 at the European Parliament and online.

The AI Act comes at a time of increasing technological changes and opportunities. With the goal of upholding Europe’s technological prominence and providing citizens access to groundbreaking applications, the European Commission aims to create a balance between fostering and preserving innovation and enhancing people’s trust in human-centric AI solutions. This balance depends on the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders and the exchange of best practices to establish an effective regulatory framework for AI technologies and their oversight in Europe. The event seeks to serve as a platform of exchange on these priority areas and discuss how AI systems should be handled in Europe.

Co-organised by CECIMO, COCIR, DIGITALEUROPE and MedTech Europe, and co-hosted by four Members of the European Parliament, this event aimed to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in the AI ecosystem and to raise awareness of the key issues related to AI applications in industry.

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