The role of Technology Centres in Overcoming Challenges to Additive Manufacturing Adoption 

19 September, 11.00am-12.15pm (CET)


Additive Manufacturing (AM) has brought a revolution in the way products are designed, manufactured, and distributed to different end users (automotive, aerospace, engineering, architecture, electronic, healthcare etc).

The AM sector has yet to achieve its full potential due to different challenges lack of skilled personnel, difficulty in the scalability of parts, volume of production, reliability of material etc.

Technology centers can help companies solving many of these issues.  Services and projects (from the training of the workforce to certification of the printing quality) developed by technology centers can help companies approaching AM for the first time and solving some of the toughest challenges to the adoption of this technology.

This event will shed the lights on:

  • Technology centers’ solutions to the challenges that hamper the market uptake of AM
  • Ongoing project or initiatives that are working to strengthen the AM business case

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