UCIMU - Skills Initiatives

UCIMU’s activities related to skills development are the following:

Certification of Skills – UCIMU-Sistemi Per Produrre and Probest Service (Trade Association in the instrumental mechanics sector) have created the first certification system to assess the workders’ skills in the sector industry:

  • turners, milling machines, maintenance workers, harnessers, assembler, programmers, cad/cam designers, handling employees, machine operators

Consulting and training – UCIMU through Probest Service provides innovative training practices for SMEs, establish large partnerships between industries and public administrations to propose training consistent with the framework of emerging corporate needs.

UCIMU AWARDS – promotes cooperation between universities and companies. Fondazione UCIMU offers prizes for degree theses or internship and master’s degree reports related to mechanical manufacturing and concerning: the design, research and development of machine tools, production systems, robots and automation; technologies; organizational and management methodologies.

Open Factory – The manufacturers of machine tools, robots and automation welcome students and their families for one day in their facilities to show them the functioning of machine tools and the production systems.

Youth Orientation – UCIMU-Sistemi Per Produrre organizes an orientation event for students of secondary schools every year, offering guidance and information on scientific-technological culture, application process, corporate culture, merit and work ethics, opportunities for professional and personal growth through testimonies of entrepreneurs and professors and the tools to support the transition from school to work.

Meetings in schools – UCIMU organises orientation meetings by industry experts and entrepreneurs for the first and second grade secondary school students.

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