VDW-Skills Initiatives

VDW’s activities related to skills development are the following:

VDW has been quite active in addressing the “skills gap” by initializing the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering Youth Federation) together with VDMA, a not-for-profit operation to overcome skills shortage in instructors. It is a foundation that promotes the recruitment of young talent in mechanical engineering and plant engineering by cooperating with companies, schools, associations and politicians.

It provides:

  • more than 90 different advanced training courses in mechanical engineering and workshops for trainees and trainers.
  • Mobile Learning in Smart Factories (MLS): a working platform that can be accessed anywhere and from any internet-enabled device. The trainees can work on tasks at the machine, in the office or from home. The trainee’s learning progress is documented and verifiable for the trainer at any time.

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