CECIMO Fall Meetings 2019

CECIMO delegates meet twice a year during the Spring and Fall meetings

to discuss current European trends for the machine tool industry and related manufacturing technology, debate the global economic situation and exchange best practices or national projects. They determine the strategy of CECIMO and its upcoming actions.

Our members joined us for the CECIMO Fall Meetings in Brussels, Belgium, on 4 and 5 December 2019.

The two days programme centered around meetings and networking opportunities in the European Parliament. It started with the Additive Manufacturing European Conference and continued with interactive sessions focussed on current sensitive issues for our sector, such as the Roundtable “Skills4Industry” and the Breakfast Briefing on “The Future of the Machinery Directive“.

The next meeting will take place in Edinburgh (UK) from 6 to 9 June 2020. Information will be published in due time.



Wednesday 4 December 2019

In the morning, Delegates had the opportunity to attend the 5th edition of the European Additive Manufacturing Conference (AMEC), and the roundtable discussion Skills4Industry“, both organised in the European Parliament. At the end of the day, all the Delegates and their partners  participated in the Welcome cocktail and Dinner in the Autoworld Museum, where they could visit the museum and hear about the future of mobility from keynote speaker, Luigi Ksawery Luca’.


Thursday 5 December 2019

The last day of the CECIMO Fall Meetings kicked-off with a Breakfast roundtable  on the Future of the Machinery Directive, at the European Parliament. Afterwards, we provided members with insights into the future economic and market situation, thanks to the presentation of Ms Goossens.
The General Assembly took place afterwards. It elected a new President and new Chairmen of the CECIMO Committees.

Download the full working Programme.

Keynote Speakers

“New customer needs, technology and regulation are driving a major disruption in the automotive business. Toyota is gearing up to face the challenges of the future of mobility.”

Luigi Ksawery Luca’
Director of New Mobility & Connected Car
Toyota Motor Europe

Luigi Luca’ is an executive with 20 years’ experience in most areas of the automotive business including sales, marketing, brand, product, aftersales, strategy. In his current position he is in charge for all projects related to new mobility and connected car for the European region.

“The baseline scenario of Belfius is that the world economy is heading to a soft landing, but growth will be weaker next year.”

Véronique Goossens
Chief Economist

Véronique worked 15 years as a journalist and talkshow host for “Kanaal Z”, the Belgian financial and economic news broadcaster. In 2017 she finalized her book on central banking and the financial sector. “The money makers. Backstage in the National Bank of Belgium”. The book was subsidized by the “Fonds Pascal Decroos” for exceptional journalism. Before she worked as a journalist for different Belgian news media.

The last meetings took place under the following themes:


Skills and Manufacturing 4.0

at the Spring meetings 2019 in Rüschlikon


Decarbonisation of Transport

at the Fall meetings 2018 in Barcelona


Artificial intelligence and future of work

at the Spring meetings 2018 in Mainz


Artificial Intelligence

at the Fall meetings 2017 in Brussels


Data and new business models

at the Spring meetings 2017 in Rotterdam