Event Overview

The International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ICAM) took place on Wednesday 20 September from 11:00 to 12:30 and it served as a platform for engaging discussions centered around the Industrialisation of the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Technological development, accompanied by new successful business cases, has led to a new wave of adoption of AM across multiple industries. This is largely due to the superior agility and flexibility it brings to production processes, revolutionising the way we design and manufacture.

At ICAM 2023, industry pioneers explored the latest advancements, innovations, and strategies driving the industrialisation of additive manufacturing. Through captivating presentations, engaging panel discussions, and dynamic networking opportunities, ICAM 2023 was a success.

Speakers & presentations

Alexander Oster


Martina Riccio


Stewart Lane 

Matt Parkes


Alejandro Nieto


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22 – 25 September