A Governance Structure for the next European Industrial Policy

04 July 2018

CECIMO is a member of the Industry4Europe coalition, together with 119 associations at EU level. The coalition has been producing different joint papers, helping the European Institutions to set the best Industrial Policy Strategy.

With its Joint Paper “For an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going further” (October 2017), the Industry4Europe coalition has called for a long-term vision for European industry that demands a long-term governance structure, which goes beyond the 6-month EU Presidency cycle and the 5-year mandate of the current European Commission. Such a governance structure should enable the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, together with industry stakeholders, to develop a common vision for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry. Existing policies, initiatives and tools, addressing the challenges and gaps – including those described in the Commission’s Communication “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy” of September 2017 – should be reviewed in order to develop and implement a long-term comprehensive EU Industrial Strategy, as well as to monitor its progress on a regular basis.

In the Joint Paper “For an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: a Governance Structure”, European industry is asking the European Institutions to structure the future Industrial Strategy governance on two pillars:
1. Ensuring an informed and permanent dialogue between industry and policy decision-makers, in association with civil society stakeholders (trade unions, consumer organisations, NGOs, academia) and;
2. A structure of European Institutions which allows for an Industrial Strategy to be addressed and implemented at the highest level.

Read the full Joint-Paper and, if you need any additional information, please contact us!