CECIMO signs the Joint Initiative on Standardisation

15 June 2016

CECIMO as an industry organization received an invitation to join the the Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS) and participate to an official signing ceremony that took place in Amsterdam on 13 June in the presence of Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska at the EU 2016 Single Market Forum.
Standards are key for innovation and progress in the Single Market and for its functioning: they are essential to support European competitiveness and growth, and allow Europe to maintain its leadership in technical development and global trade. Recognising this, the European Commission puts more and more emphasis on standardization activities as the best tool for creating a level playing field.
JIS, launched by DG GROW, will continue for 42 months. It will gather all stakeholders involved in the standardization activities: 

  • EU Member States;
  • EFTA Member States;
  • the European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs): CEN, Cenelec, and ETSI;
  • the National Standardisations Bodies (NSBs);
  • European industry also represented by associations.

This initiative aims at, among others:

  • increasing awareness on standards at all levels,
  • improving the exchange of information and dialogue with industry through a Standards Market Relevance Roundtable (“SMARRT”),
  • supporting the digitisation of European industry,
  • linking research and innovation with standardization,
  • providing high-quality standards delivered and referenced in a timely manner.

Read more about it here.