CECIMO Webinar: Latest developments on the use of Internet of Things technologies in manufacturing production

18 May 2020

CECIMO organised a webinar that took place on Tueasday 19th of May at 11.00 am – 12.10 pm on the “Latest developments on the use of Internet of Things technologies in manufacturing production”. The webinar focused on the challenges and opportunities of IoT technologies in the manufacturing industry. Guest-speakers of the webinar were Dr. - Ing. Bernhard Langefeld and Mr. Alexander von Paumgartten, co-authors of the Roland Berger’s white paper “IoT in production – challenges and opportunities for OEMs”. They provided an overview of the latest IoT adoptions and IoT technologies in the manufacturing industry and examined how to tackle current and future challenges for the sector.

The webinar covered:

  • Current challenges faced by OEMs
  • The impact of new transmission technologies on manufacturers
  • Future perspectives for IoT business models

Damir Glas, Advocacy & Public Relations Manager at CECIMO, moderated the event.

Within the next decade, smart and autonomous factories will become a reality. Many OEMs are already applying smart, embedded chips in factory equipment or in final products.  These smart chips facilitate Artificial Intelligence capabilities and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity at low cost. New technologies such as 5G and Edge devices will even enable those products to send data to a cloud without necessarily having to use conventional industrial communication networks.

This will allow OEMs to analyze their products while in operation, which, in turn, will lead to better performance, higher customer satisfaction, and more reliable products.

A major challenge for manufacturing companies is to identify and establish the "correct" business model for the specific IoT use case. Companies need to define new go-to market strategies and build new sales channels, which, in turn, may also impact their ERP infrastructure and delivery processes. In most cases, digitalization requires a consultative selling approach and not a product-centric one.

The paper "IoT in Production” discusses in more detail:

  • IoT use cases in manufacturing and future perspectives for IoT business models
  • Importance of a closed lifecycle data loop and shared information as a foundation for future product evolutions
  • Architecture of a cloud-based IoT solutions for production
  • Overview on new transmission technologies like 5G, LPWA and Industrial edge
  • Introduction of Roland Berger's IoT Business Model Maturity Assessment


You can download the paper "IoT in Production" for free here (3.11 MB)