Main takeaways from CECIMO Webinar: The impact of Additive Manufacturing on product sustainability

05 November 2020

The relationship between manufacturing operations and their impact on the environment is becoming an important factor in decision making among industrial societies, that are holding companies accountable for the environmental impact of their offerings.

Sustainable manufacturing means the creation of processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources, enhancing employee, community, and product safety. Additive manufacturing (AM) is considered as one of the technologies that has more potential in increasing sustainability and enabling circular manufacturing.

The 3 November 2020, CECIMO held the webinar "The impact of Additive Manufacturing on product sustainability" to explore the effect that AM is already exercising on product development and discuss the implication and future perspectives with industry experts.

Here you can find and download the main takeaways from the interventions of our high-level speakers (please click below).