The DEMAT conference report 2013 available for download

02 December 2013

This DEMAT conference report 2013 presents the tremendous project results produced by the DEMAT project. These results, presented for the first time at the DEMAT Conference at EMO Hannover on 20 September 2013, showed how the project leads to the advancement of the European machine tool and manufacturing industries. We are proud to share with you this report, intended as a tool to support further dissemination of these results.


When the DEMAT Project was launched by CECIMO and its partners in July 2010, the consortium’s main objective was to dematerialize the machine tools and manufacturing systems that are designed and produced in Europe. CECIMO’s primary goal within the project was, by providing our companies with knowledge-based technologies including ultra-light, adaptive and 100% recyclable skeletal structures, innovative and flexible business models, and human-capital based services, to increase the European machine tool industry’s sustainability and competitiveness.