Skills4Advanced Manufacturing

Unlocking the Industrial Green Transition

6 June 2023, 11:00-12:05 (CET)

About the Webinar

In light of the EU Green Week’s focus on green skills, this event shed light on the technical green competencies and skill sets required for safer and greener Advanced Manufacturing. Labour markets in Advanced Manufacturing are undergoing profound changes as the greening economy, digital transition, and automation take shape. The pace of technological change within manufacturing industries is increasingly rapid, and machine tool industries might find it challenging to keep up with developments, particularly in niche areas where the younger generation has limited high degree of precision or real-life experience. Therefore, there remains a critical demand among manufacturers for digital and green skills to build a resilient workforce given that new occupations will be created, some replaced, and others redefined.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness of the emerging green skills that will be required for the green transformation of industrial value chains, in particular advanced manufacturing, and discuss ways to ensure a continuous flow of green skills into industries. The objective is to identify the future skills needed for the greening of industrial enterprises and ways to unlock the uptake of technical, green skills in advanced manufacturing by older and younger generations. 

This webinar provided:

  • An overview of the latest technical, green skills and job profiles required in advanced manufacturing.
  • Valuable insight into the challenges the machine tool industry faces in managing the green transition and upskilling its workforce.
  • Latest strategies to address and prevent green skills shortages in advanced manufacturing.


Dr. Lukas Kleine-Rueschkamp

Coordinator of Local Labour Market Analysis , OECD

Dr. Lukas Kleine-Rueschkamp is the coordinator of local labour market analysis at the OECD. He leads and supervises the quantitative work on local economic development and changing local labour markets and skills demand. In his work, he focuses on the green and digital transitions, examining the geography of the risks and opportunities across different communities and sectors as well as analysing green skills gaps and transitions from polluting jobs and industries to green ones. Dr. Kleine-Rueschkamp holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford.


Paola Fantini

Director of Education, EIT Manufacturing

Paola Fantini is the Director of Education at EIT Manufacturing Asbl, she considers people and skills, as the main drivers for the industrial competitiveness, resilience and sustainabilityShe is expert in developing education and training programs for advanced manufacturing, innovation, entrepreneurship and deep techs. 


Ixaka Egurbide Lekube

Managing Director, IMH Campus

Ixaka is the Managing Director of IMH Campus. Involved in Advanced and Digital Manufacturing, over the last 25 years he has participated in multiple projects and initiatives, in particular those related to dual training, educational innovation, boosting innovation in SMEs and in the collaboration between VET and University.


Bianca Maria Colosimo

Professor in Additive Manufacturing and Quality Data Mining, Politecnico di Milano

Bianca Maria Colosimo is a professor in Additive Manufacturing and Quality Data Mining at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Her main expertise is in big data mining for in-situ monitoring and process optimization in Additive Manufacturing and 3D bioprinting.


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