AM Motion

Funded by the Horizon2020 EU’s budget stream, AM-Motion aimed at creating a strategic approach to increase the industrialization of additive manufacturing across Europe. The project analysed technological and non-technological barriers, including skills shortages, that discourage the uptake of additive manufacturing in industry.

The project was carried out between 2016 and 2018. CECIMO contributed to the identification of non-technological barriers in additivie manufacturing and led strategic work on the mapping of employers’ skills needs.

Several results have been achieved in the project:


We made an extensive evaluation of employers’ needs that resulted to be in line with the weaknesses that came out from another exercise: mapping courses and projects about AM skills, education and training.


We proposed practical business collaboration models to deploy the technology on a large-scale, thanks to the efforts made to foster dialogue among all actors in relevant value chains.


We also explored the ICT-related challenges for a fully-fledged integration of additive manufacturing in the market and provided a detailed roadmap for its industrial exploitation.